Nye County is now accepting applications for the Nye County ARPA Recovery Plan for the County’s Small Businesses and Public Health assistance .

Eligible uses must be for costs incurred starting January 1, 2022.

For details on the Nye County ARPA Recovery Plan, please see the Nye County ARPA Recovery Plan and Policy for program details.

Nye County has created the following programs to help local communities:

For more information on the Small Business Grant Program and a step-by-step guide to complete the application, please click here to watch the pre-recorded training video.

  • Public Health Assistance – Contact Grant Administrator 
    • Mental Health Initiatives
    • Affordable Housing Grants
    • Public Homeless Assistance
    • Tonopah Childcare


  • For assistance completing the applications or for Public Health Assistance, please contact the Nye County Grants Administrator grantsadministrator@co.nye.nv.us

Nye County CRP – Public Rental, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance

Small businesses in Pahrump should be aware that through Nye County’s Covid Relief Program (CRP) there are still funds available for Public Rental, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance.

As a part of the application process, you will need to provide documentation depending on your type of request.

All applications will need to provide a copy of an ID as well as a Proof of Residency. For Proof of Residency you have the following options:

  • Applicant ID with address
  • Name of utility bill is applicant/co-applicants name
  • If address on ID is not current address and utility bill is not in their name, applicant and/or co-applicant must upload lease agreement for service address in applicant/co-applicant’s name

If applying due to Job Loss or Loss of Hours, you will need to provide the Employment Verification Form.pdf.

If applying due to main source of income from business, you will need to provide the Small Business Affidavit.pdf

If applying for Mortgage assistance, you will need to provide the Mortgage Letter – Past Due.pdf for each month’s assistance request.

If applying for Rental assistance, you will need to provide the Landlord Letter – Past Due.pdf for each month’s assistance request.

If applying for Utility assistance, you will need to provide the Utility Provider Letter.pdf for each individual utility request.

Click HERE to be redirected to begin your application process.

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There is a new grant program available to those small businesses in Nye County that have suffered a loss of revenue since the Covid-19 Pandemic took over. We encourage everyone that has experienced a loss in revenues to consider applying for this grant. Having received PPP or EIDL money doesn’t disqualify you. There is $8,000,000.00 available and applications are being accepted through October 6, 2020. You should get your applications submitted as soon as possible.

To learn more about the program available and begin the application process, please click HERE.